Viber has already become one of the most popular social apps. Many people use it to communicate with family, friends and other people, but most of them know little about Viber backup and restore. When users delete or lose important Viber chat messages or files due to deletion, wiping, or deactivating, even Viber team itself cannot restore the history for them. Whether you are one of them or not now, you are suggested to learn how to backup & restore Viber on Android or recover deleted Viber chats without backup from Android.

Recover deleted Viber chats without backup from Android

Restore Viber Messages from Backup on Android

Many Viber users know that they can email Viber message history and get backup files. But it is inconvenient and the backups cannot be restored. Starting from version 6.1, Viber allows users to back up message history to Cloud service and restore to a device with the same phone number. The Android Viber backup and restore procedures are as below. Make sure you’re connected to the same Cloud service on your phone, like Google Drive, while backing up and restoring Viber messages.

Step1. Go to More Screen.
Step2. Click Settings.
Step3. Select Viber Backup.
Step4. Choose Back up.
Step5. Wait while Viber backs up your data.

Restore Viber Messages from Backup on Android

Step1. Go to Viber Backup tab.
Step2. Check available backup.
Step3. Tap Restore.
Step4. Select RESTORE NOW.

Restore Viber Messages from Backup on Android

Note: Outgoing photos and videos will not be restored. You’ll see file message in the chat, but the file content will not be restored.

Cloud service helps Viber users reserve important Viber conversations and files. It is a good way to save Viber chats as archives. However, users have to make backups manually every time. If users’ Viber messages or files are lost due to accidental deletion, wiping or deactivating, it is too late to make backups.

Recover Deleted Viber Messages and Files from Android without Backup

More often than not, the deleted or lost Viber chats have no backup. At this time, a professional Viber message recovery tool is necessary. iReparo for Android is exactly the best Android data recovery app for recovering Viber messages and files from Android phone and tablet.
iReparo Android Data Recovery is one of the first apps that can recover deleted Viber messages and WhatsApp chats on Android phone and tablet. With rich experience in Viber recovery, iReparo for Android is your best choice to retrieve deleted or lost Viber chats. This tool is extremely easy-to-use, but please notice that the Viber recovery function is temporarily integrated into WhatsApp recovery module.

Download WindowsDownload Mac

Step1. Install and run iReparo Android Data Recovery.
Step2. Select “WhatsApp”.
Step3. Follow interface instruction to connect phone to PC.
Step4. Scan Viber chats.
Step5. Preview recoverable Viber conversations, photos, voice, etc.
Step6. Click “Recover” to save Viber chats and files to PC.

iReparo for Android

As an excellent Android Viber message recovery tool, iReparo for Android has a few advantages.
1. It can recover Viber chats with no need of backup.
2. Both messages and media files, like photos, can be retrieved.
3. The recovered messages and files are convenient for reuse, like printing messages out.