About Androidrecovery.com

Coming into use in 2015, androidrecovery.com focuses on Android data recovery technologies to provide fast and simple data recovery solutions for global Android users. In a time when smart phones are so popular all over the world, people have much more to learn to protect their phone data and files well, especially for Android devices, where danger often goes with joy.

iReparo for Android is our featured product. We have an excellent development team, which is consisted of both experienced senior engineers and vigorous new developers. After over 6 months of research and development, we can call it one of the best Android data recovery apps with confidence and pride. And we are still working on to make it better and better.

We believe that smart phone is no longer merely a kind of contact tool, but also an indispensable company in all respects. We wish people can enjoy Android device fully while we settle all the worries. At androidrecovery.com, we also post all kinds of tips and tricks about Android phone and tablet, which are listed under Blog category.

We are trying to make this site informative, interesting and interactive. If you have any problem or suggestion, you can easily find answers or contact us in Support Center.

We are young, but we are making colorful history.

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