“How to get paid apps for free on Android?” Hundreds of people are asking and searching online every day. It’s not shame of anybody, we must say. There are countless of great apps and games for Android devices, some of which have ads and those ad-free are usually exclusive for paid users. What if we want to get paid Android apps and games for free in a legal way? Keep reading and check the best sites to download paid Android apps for free in 2021.

Part 1. Giveaway Websites for Paid Android Apps

It is not widely known that many developers release free or discounted keys of their apps, which usually charge users from a few to dozens of dollars, in order to acquire more traffic and active users to their products. In many cases, the free offers are not shown on their official websites or app stores, but exclusively on major giveaways websites where thousands of users visit every day.

The main benefit is that the free licensed Android apps and games are offered by the developers cooperated with the giveaway websites, thus ensuring the compliance and legality. The bad side, however, these offers are usually supplied in a limited time or quantity. Giveaway of The Day and SharewareOnSale are two of the popular giveaway websites.

Note: Most giveaway sites provide free paid apps and games of both mobile and PC platforms.

1. Giveaway of The Day

This is one of the best-known giveaway websites attracting thousands of app developers. No personal information is required to get a license, but some apps may require you to share the activity to Facebook or receive push notifications from the site. You can choose to enter your email address to receive the download link, but make sure to enter and download the app as soon as possible, because the giveaways usually last 1-2 days.

For Android most apps and games, you will be re-directed to the Google Play Store page where you can get paid apps for free on Android after clicking the Install button.

2. SharewareOnSale

You can download full version software for Windows and Android devices on this website. Just find the desired app, then you will be asked to enter your email, country, device, gender, and job level information to access the license and download link. This usually applies to Windows software instead of Android apps. These data will be collected and sent to the software developers as return so that they could analyze the potential users. However, this might make some people uncomfortable.
For Windows software, the given download link will save the installation package of SharewareOnSale Download Hub. Click the installation package, then you’ll be asked whether to install the desired app as well as the download hub, the latter of which is optional. For Android apps, you will be guided to Google Play.

Part 2. Alternatives to Amazon Underground

We mention Amazon Underground here, because it was a major app store where a lot of paid Android apps and games were offered free. Amazon Underground was favored by Android users only next to Google Play before it was shut down in 2019. Though the overall number of available apps and games is not comparable to Google Play, quite many users got paid apps for free on their Android devices.

Amazon Underground was shut down possibly due to the burden of compensation to developers, but there are still a few existing sites for us to download paid android apps for free, such as Aptoide and XDA Labs.

1. Aptoide

Unlike the sites above, Aptoide is a third-party app marketplace especially optimized for mobile web browsers, which is also available as an independent Android app store. It competes directly with Play Store and offers some paid Android apps for free. Aptoide cooperates with many developers who publish apps on Aptoide for free which are otherwise available at a premium on Play Store. For example, Nova Launcher is a paid app on Play Store, but you can get it for free on Aptoide. Apart from that, you will find apps from major publishers, like Facebook, Roblox, Supercell, and more.

2. XDA Labs

XDA Labs is another promising platform from where you can get paid apps for free on Android. While it does not have a rich library of Android apps, but it surely boasts of many premium apps which costs you a dollar or two on Google Play Store. XAD was well-known as a forum where many Android fans and developers share tutorials for customizing smartphones, so we can expect a lot of offers of Android apps and games here.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have introduced 4 sites of 2 types for installing paid apps for free on Android. We are sure that there are many more options online, but it is nowadays more and more difficult to find as worry-free and quality options as those listed above. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite websites for downloading paid Android apps for free in the comment section below.